Personal Banking

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Whether you prefer a "no minimum balance" checking account or one that pays interest, you're sure to find what you're looking for at Florida Shores Bank.

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Saving for a short term need or a lifetime plan? Florida Shores Bank offers the right options to fit your needs.

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Earn a higher rate of interest on your savings with a Florida Shores Certificate of Deposit. Whether you prefer your money to earn a competitive rate on interest in just a few weeks or for several years, we offer a variety of accounts ranging in tiers from thirty days to five years. All our CDs are FDIC-insured so saving is worry free.

It's never too early to open an IRA, a tax-advantaged retirement savings plan, and begin securing your financial future. Earnings on an IRA are tax-deferred until withdrawal at retirement, so your balance grows faster. Whether it's a Roth or Traditional IRA, Florida Shores Bank is ready to help you find the right account for you.

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Come to Florida Shores Bank when you don't have the cash readily available for those important purchases. We're ready to help you with a variety of loan options that will meet your needs.

Home Equity Line of Credit* 
It's flexible access to those extra funds when you need them. Advances are as easy as writing a check and you'll have the money there when you need it. The interest on your loan may be tax deductible. Consult your tax advisor.

Home Equity Loan* 
Whether it's a new car, home improvements or paying for college tuition, you can save time and money with a lower interest rate home equity loan. And, your interest may be tax deductible. Consult your tax advisor.

Auto Loans*
Let Florida Shores Bank put you in the driver's seat of a new car, truck or van. Our fixed and variable rates, and flexible terms are designed to suit your budget.

*All loans are subject to normal credit approval procedures and credit standards.

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